(this post is a day delayed)

So, since I’ve left Paris I’ve been a bit of a mess health-wise. Every time I thought I was getting better, another type of cold would swoop by and kick my ass. Finally, yesterday in Switzerland, I found my way to an actual hospital to get an actual prescription so I can get actually healthy.
I am already beginning to feel back to my old self and am eh…how you say….stoked!
The thing that made me not so stoked was the sitting for hours at the hospital trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

“Sprechen sie English?”
“Nine. Eh…a little?”
“Ah…Well…Ich bin krank. Ich habe eine feber und ich feel like crap. Ja?”

Our conversation went a little like that for a few hours as we went over everything. There was a brief moment where they explained something to me, I agreed, and they walked out the door.
Quick pause.
Then panic.
…did I just agree to getting my blood drawn?


As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I cannot stand getting my blood taken. It’s not the fact that it hurts…I think it’s more the psychological aspect.
Well, that and the fact that they’re extracting something that belongs in my body…something that is kind of key to my existence.
Instinctually speaking, I think everyone should have a phobia of this.


In the door comes one of the nurses.  Young girl complete with short, bright red hair and a nose ring. Like a little pixy.  I sat and explained to her as clearly as possible that I have a phobia and to humor me with this. She understood, and what ironically wound up happening was her not even being able to find my vein. She tried over and over with us laughing each time (her probably out of nervousness, me more out of delirium). As she was putting bandages all over my arms she was saying “aw and dis is dee proof I not do job correct! Haha”

So, yes. Finally got blood taken. Then they thought I had pneumonia.

Got an x-ray. (where one of the girls accidentally opened the door as it was being done and I got to flash half of Switzerland…fantastic)


Walking pneumonia with a side of sinus infection to go please.

Got my meds. Off I went.

Aside from all of that nonsense I do have to say that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life. Even on a muggy day like today, the countryside just looks picturesque and straight out of a movie. I almost don’t want to leave Zurich. Had a great time in the city and it was a perfect place to recoup and get ready for the rest of my trip. I’m on my way to Roma right now and can’t even begin to describe the scenery.  I want to get off the train so badly and just wander around…roll down the hills… frolic like in the Sound of Music…hopefully not wind up in the third installment of the Human Centipede…

Or was that Germany?…

Focus. Everything is so lush and green. Giant trees and unbelievable mountain ranges…Waterfalls come streaming down the mountainside as the little sheeps and rams hang out on either side.
It’s absolutely ridiculous.
It’s like we’re sitting within arms reach of the heavens. I mean I could literally reach up and touch the clouds passing by.


It would be amazing to live here.

Alright… maybe not live here but vacation here every year.  The perfect relaxing getaway.

That would be truly incredible.

I’m finishing this entry with a little query section. A bit of food for thought with some questions I’ve been pondering.

Here they are:

  • Why do all the train attendants look the same?
  • Does Europe not believe in toilet seat covers?
  • Where are all the fat people?
  • How can the Swiss hate the Germans so much but still speak German?
  • Why are McDonalds so fancy?
  • Belgium… Why is your toilet paper pink?
  • Why does everybody wear so much clothing in 80 degree weather? (or should I say 26.67 degrees celsius)
  • Why did Dieter tell me that all Germans sound like they’re in a gay porn? (now that’s all I think of)
  • Why is cheese so good?

Well that’s it for now. I’m going to take a bit of a nap before wandering off in Italy. it’s raining like crazy at the moment and I love it.
So for now. Ciao.
Alright I take that back, I am not going to just leave off with those final queries. I need to make some sort of comment based on Italians. If I don’t, it will simply kill me.  I got placed in business class on the train from Milano to Roma. Here I am seeing quite possibly the most stereotypical male Italians that one could possibly find. It is absolutely amusing. There is no other word for it. I am being quite sure that I speak not a word of English so that they don’t realize I’m American (although I think of all the countries, it would be hardest for me to pass by as an Italian because I am in fact white as Casper).
All of these men with thei_

_Need to cut in for a moment because as I was in fact making fun of these men with their Gucci shoes and Brioni suits, I dropped my drink on the ground and sprayed it all over them and their laptops. Ha.

Now I’m obviously the American cause I just screamed “Oh shit!”

Everyone is staring at me and speaking Italian under their breath.

I know how to start off a three-hour train ride.

On that note I bid you adieu. Until next time!



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